IRIS Staff

JERI BYRNE |  (608) 262-8577
Financial Specialist
319 Ingraham Hall

MOLLY DONNELLAN |  (608) 262-8431
Advisor, International Studies Major
322 Ingraham Hall

Educational Background:
BA, International Studies, Political Science, and French with a certificate in European Studies, UW-Madison  (2017)
Certificate of Political Science, Sciences-Po-Aix en Provence, France (2016)
Geographical areas of expertise/interest: Western European politics and culture
Languages Spoken: English and French

NANCY HEINGARTNER |  (608) 265-6585
Assistant Director for Outreach
323 Ingraham Hall

Educational Background:
Ph.D. and M.A., Slavic Languages, Brown University
B.A., Russian Language and Literature with an East Asian Studies minor, Oberlin College
Geographical areas of expertise/interest: Studied for four years in Russia and the former Soviet Union and also previously worked for the US Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine.
Languages Spoken: English and Russian; also has studied Czech, French, German, Mandarin, and Persian.

Contact Nancy for:

  • Annual K-12 outreach events such as World Cinema Day, Global Youth Summit, and International Education Week
  • Speaker requests from educational institutions and other groups that organize teacher workshops
  • Customized programs that bring students and teachers to the UW-Madison campus

NANETTE KELSEY |  (608) 263-6916
Univeristy Services Associate II
322 Ingraham Hall

Educational Background:
B.S., Education
MS., Special Education, ED/BD
Languages Spoken: English and Russian; also has studied Spanish, German, Norwegian, and French.

Contact Nanette for:

  • Nanette is part of the financial team that supports IRIS and its regional centers

MARK LILLELEHT |  (608) 265-6070
Assistant Director for Awards
328 Ingraham Hall

FELECIA LUCHT |  (608) 263-6693
Director of the WI Summer Language Institute (WISLI)
327 Ingraham Hall

Educational Background:
Ph.D. and M.A., German Linguistics, UW-Madison
M.A., International Affairs, American University
B.A., German and International Studies, U of WI-Stevens Point
Languages Spoken: English and German. She has also studied Russian, Dutch, and Brazilian Portuguese

Contact Felecia for:

RONALD MACHOIAN | (608) 890-2446
Interim Executive Director
256 Bascom Hall

MAKI RAYMO |  (608) 265-4768
Financial Specialist
319 Ingraham Hall

Geographical areas of expertise/interest: Maki was born and raised in Osaka, Japan, and moved to Madison in 2000.
Languages Spoken: English and Japanese.

Contact Maki for:

  • Maki is part of the financial team that provides supports to IRIS and its regional centers.

SARAH RIPP |  (608) 262-0616
Assistant Director for Programming and Communication
301B Ingraham Hall

Educational Background:
M.A., International Administration, University of Denver’s Josef Korbel School for International Studies (2001)
B.A., International Studies, Miami University (OH) (1997)
Geographical areas of expertise/interest: Latin America, the Caribbean, and Iberia
Languages Spoken: English and Spanish. Have also studied a bit of French and Portuguese.

Contact Sarah for:

  • Communication, public relations, and social media requests on behalf of IRIS
  • Cross-regional on campus programming such as academic lectures, artistic performances, alumni career panels, film screenings, and more

ELLEN SAPEGA |  (608) 262-3621
Faculty Director
Professor, Spanish & Portuguese
301A Ingraham Hall

CSANÁD SIKLÓS |  (608) 262-5006
Assistant Director for Students and Curriculum
331 Ingraham Hall

Educational Background:
Ph.D., Scandinavian Languages and Literature, U of Washington (2002)
Dissertation: “The Rhetoric of Resistance: Par Lagerkvist’s Literary Response to European Totalitarianism (1933-1044)”
M.A., Scandinavian Languages and Literature, U of Washington (1990)
B.A., (Joint Honors) German and Scandinavian Studies, University College, London (1988)
Geographical areas of expertise/interest: Central Europe, Scandinavia, UK, EU
Languages Spoken: Hungarian, English, Norwegian, with intermediate knowledge of German, and reading knowledge of Swedish and French

Contact Csanad for: 

  • Undergraduate advising for degree and certificate programs in IRIS, and for the IS Major
  • Curriculum development and planning for the IS Major and IRIS degree and certificate programs
  • Curricular and instructional program reviews
  • Program implementation, assessment and review
  • Data management and reporting
  • Student enrollment
  • Student learning outcomes, objectives, goals and evaluation

MARY JO WILSON |  (608) 265-7817
Assistant Director for Operations
321 Ingraham Hall

summer 2018 UNDERGRADUATE student staff:

JENNIFER STRUGNELL |  (608) 265-2631
Educational Background:
International Studies and Environmental Studies major
Languages Spoken:  English, and Intermediate French
Geographical areas of expertise/interest West Africa and Southeast Asia

Contact Jenny for:

SUMMER 2018 GRADUATE student staff:

OMAR DUMDUM | (608) 261-1016
Educational Background:
Phd Mass Communications
Languages Spoken: Filipino (Cebuano and Tagalog) and English
Assigned to IRIS

EMMON ROGERS | (608) 265-2631
Educational Background:
M.S. in Library and Information Sciences
Languages Spoken: English and Intermediate Danish
Assigned to IRIS