Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, IRIS National Resource Center (NRC) outreach supports and enhances international and global awareness and inspires informed thinking about the complexities of our world. We provide resources and expertise to K-12 teachers and students, post-secondary educators and students, and the community at large. Through our outreach, IRIS NRC is working to put the Wisconsin Idea into action.

Explore our site to learn what we’ve been up to and what we have to offer organizations and communities across Wisconsin and beyond.

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Our Partners/Audience

IRIS Outreach provides a wide variety of opportunities to learn about the world both on and off the UW campus. We work with:

  • other UW units
  • community, technical, and two-year colleges
  • K-12 teachers and students
  • representatives of the media
  • business groups
  • military organizations
  • other educational institutions
  • community groups

What we offer

The bulk of our outreach resources are offered free of charge. Among our centers’ outreach offerings are:

  • lecture series
  • classroom visits
  • specially-designed workshops for various target audiences
  • podcasts
  • culture boxes
  • on-campus international programming for non-university audiences
  • exhibits
  • film series
  • region-specific lending libraries, and more…

While each of our area-studies centers has its own outreach staff, who focus on the regions their center represents, IRIS Outreach offers primarily cross-regional programming.

Have an idea? Feel inspired? Please contact Nancy Heingartner, Ph.D., IRIS Assistant Director for Outreach, with questions or suggestions: outreach@iris.wisc.edu; 608.265.6585