Travel and Event Management System (TEMS)

Travel and Event Management System (TEMS) Coordinator

The TEMS Coordinator is Abdullahi Ahmed. Any questions related to travel coordination and any overall TEMS questions (troubleshooting, etc), should go to

Only contact Ahmed at his personal address when asking questions related to his role as financial specialist. When in doubt, email The travel inbox is mainly staffed by Ahmed, but Mary Jo covers the inbox whenever Ahmed is unavailable.

Preferred campus area hotels

University owned:

  • Union South
  • Lowell Hall (currently unavailable, used as student dorm for 2021-2022)

Not university owned:

  • The Graduate Hotel
  • Edgewater Hotel

TEMS Unit Delegates for Each Center

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Center for European Studies (CES)

Eleanor Conrad,

Financial Specialist:

Middle East Studies Program (MESP)

Tsela Barr, csbarr@wisc.eduFinancial Specialist: Abdullahi Ahmed,

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Latin American and Caribbean Studies (LACIS)

Sarah Ripp,
Financial Specialist: Jeri Byrne,

Center for Russia, East Europe, and Central Asia (CREECA)

Jennifer Tishler,
Financial Specialist:

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Center for South Asia (CSA)

Andrea Fowler,

Hannah-Abigail Mosier,

Adam Riley,

Financial Specialist: Abdullahi Ahmed,

Center For Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS)

Mary McCoy,
Ni Luh Gede Sri Pratiwi,
Financial Specialist: Jeri Byrne,


Essie Lenchner,
Financial Specialist: Karen Sage,

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African Studies Program (ASP)

Aleia McCord,
Diana Famakinwa,
Financial Specialist: Karen Sage,

Center for East Asian Studies (CEAS)

Laurie Dennis,
Financial Specialist: Karen Sage,

TEMS Basic Overview

Timeline TEMS Coordinator (aka Coordinator) Financial Specialist (FS) Unit Delegate (UD)
Create guest record
Add guests records to TEMS as soon as you know the guest will be traveling / delivering a virtual talk, or (ideally) 6 weeks in advance. It's never too early or too late to add guests to TEMS, but ideally you give the Coordinator and FS enough notice that they have time to manage travel and financial details. 
Especially with large scale events (like a conference with many speakers) it's a good idea to add records to TEMS sooner rather than later, so that the FS and Coordinator can plan ahead. 
If there are last-minute speakers coming to UW, make sure to email the Coordinator and FS to give them notice, if action needs to be taken on a short timeline. 
Send TEMS invitation email via Send Survey button
This email generates a unique registration link that is valid for 14 days.
Ideally, the UD sends the TEMS invitation right after creating the guest record. Otherwise, the UD is likely to forget to send it out. If you decide to wait, make sure to set a reminder for yourself to go back into TEMS to send out invitations. 
There might occasionally be reasons to wait. For example, a conference happening 10 months from now, and the center would like to add all confirmed guests on TEMS today, but not bother asking them for anything until 4 months out. It's up to the center. 
Guest registers for TEMS and completes the TEMS survey
More details here
The UD is always the primary responsible party when it comes to interacting with the guest, making sure they register on TEMS, and anything else that comes up. The UD should make sure the guest has registered, & that the guest has filled out the relevant portions of the guest survey. 
If travel is required, TEMS coordinator should start worrying and bugging someone if the guest hasn't completed the survey 6 weeks out. If no travel is happening, then FS should start bugging someone 4 weeks out.
Guest contacts Travel Inc to arrange flights and hotels, if needed
- Guest initiates contact with Travel Inc
- Travel Inc finds suitable hotels and flights, sends TEMS coordinator & Mary Jo a request for approval
- TEMS coordinator reviews and approves proposed itinerary
- Upload flight and hotel confirmation details into TEMS in the Uploaded Files section
- Update Transportation and Accommodation sections with proper status (NA, Confirmed, Waiting on Traveler)

Explanation of statuses:
• NA: no flight/hotel needed (e.g. virtual talk, or they live in Madison)
• Confirmed: paid and settled 
• Waiting on Traveler: Traveler hasn't contacted Travel inc / waiting on Traveler to provide necessary info before being able to book 
This tends to be the most time consuming and time sensitive step, make sure to give at least 6 weeks before physical visit for this to go smoothly. Meaning, the Coordinator should check all records 6 weeks out to make sure the guest has contacted Travel Inc, and check in with the guest to ensure travel will be booked shortly. x
FS reviews guest survey response and determines which additional documents (e.g. W9) are needed from guest.
FS regularly checks for guest survey responses.
Note: FS should not ask for additional required documents if the guest is not registered. Wait, or consult center to determine who should bug the guest about registering. 
If guest has not filled out the survey 4 weeks out, consider contacting the guest directly or the UD.
FS emails guest from TEMS asking them to log back in and fill out Required Documents.
Link: how to send emails in TEMS
Guest completes required documents
Processes guest payment
Look back on emails with Karen for timeline -- guest receives check if XYZ or bank wire if XYZ, within 2-6 weeks
In general, the guest will be paid via check if they are a U.S. citizen with a U.S. address.  The guest will be paid via bank wire if they are an international guest or a U.S. citizen living overseas.  
Update PIR and Reimbursement status in Financial Details section. More details here.
FS should update these statuses weekly. The 'Completed' status indicates that the payment (paper check or bank wire) has been issued by UW. It generally still takes a few days for the bank wire or check to be received by the guest. x
Update Record Status
Closed = guest paid, all done
Canceled = entire trip is canceled

Anatomy of a TEMS Record

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Travel Profile

This section is an overview and summary of information entered by the Unit Delegate when creating the travel record. It contains the travel dates, profile status, honorarium $ amount, and other information.

The bottom of this section has especially useful information: the date the guest submitted their survey.

The Guest Survey has several sections, and the guest may have submitted the Contact section, but not the Financial section, etc. Look here to see whether or not the guest has submitted their survey, and on what date. You can also get this information by clicking the ‘Preview Survey’ button at the top left hand corner of the record. Note: there is a quirk in the system and as a result, sometimes the Survey Status section shows it incorrectly. The guest may have actually filled out some or all of their surveys, but the Survey Status section indicates incorrectly that they did not. It is best to use the ‘Preview Survey’ function to view submitted information.

Contact Information

The Contact Information section is linked to the Traveler Survey. This will remain empty until the guest has logged into TEMS and filled our their survey.

This section can also be updated manually by any TEMS user (unit delegate, Coordinator, etc).


Purpose: any time more than one person and/or center are working with the same guest, use this feature to give them access to viewing the guest record.

You can add more than one collaborator.
There are 3 types of collaborators: Center, Person, and Other.

  • Center: if a guest is being hosted by more than one center, or, for example, guest is delivering a lecture for Center for South Asia, and having a faculty dinner with European Studies, you can make a record visible to both centers by adding the 2nd center here. If the record was created by Center for South Asia, simply add European Studies as the collaborator here. In the notes, provide context for why the record is being shared. European Studies will get a notification email and the record will appear in TEMS under both centers.
  • Person: give another person working at UW-Madison access to viewing this record. For example, a guest is delivering a lecture for European Studies, and the chair of the History Department is hosting them at their home. Add a person as a collaborator so that they can view the guests’ itinerary and travel information without having to exchange multiple emails. Whomever you add will get an email notification informing them they’ve been added as a collaborator.
  • Other: unclear what type of collaborator you would add here, as this doesn’t give anyone else access to viewing the record.

Welcome Letter

The Survey Welcome Letter is editable, and it is highly encouraged for Unit Delegates to review the welcome letter and edit it, before sending the TEMS invitation to the guest.

The Welcome Letter is NOT the same as the TEMS Invitation email, and the guest will not see this letter until they register for a TEMS account. This letter appears as the first page of the guest survey.

The letter is created automatically based on information provided when creating the record. If you include notes like ‘please book XYZ hotel’, then that information will appear in the welcome letter – make sure to edit the welcome letter so it is appropriate for the guest, and not for internal staff. Another reason to make sure you review the welcome letter is because the honorarium amount is in this letter, and must be accurate. If you are unsure of the honorarium amount, avoid creating the record. We want to avoid telling the guest they will receive $500, then going back and telling them they are actually receiving a $300 honorarium. This has happened occasionally, and should be avoided.

Itinerary Letter

Dear Guest,

Please contact Travel Inc directly in order to book your flights. Travel Inc is the contracted travel agency for UW-Madison.

Instructions for booking with Travel Inc:

To book your travel, please go to the following site as soon as possible and fill out the form: UWS Travel Registration ( please right click and open the link.

Alternatively, US based guests can call Travel inc directly at 877.811.9898, international travelers should call 470.589.2205, or send an email to

You’ll need to reference GROUP CODE UW09UW2392

Travel Inc Core Business Hours: 7:00 AM CST – 8:00 PM CST Monday – Friday, excluding Holidays.

If you have trouble reaching Travel Inc or need assistance, please contact

Financial Details

Note, this section is only seen by Financial Specialists and the TEMS Coordinator.

Required Documents

Required documents

Non-U.S. Residents are required to upload the following documents in TEMS.


· Passport photo page

· Homeland security Stamp

· I-94

· Wire transfer form

U.S residents are required to upload in TEMS for W9 form, which is the most recent IRS version, dated October 2018. The UW-Madison accounting department will accept only 2018 version. UW doesn’t accept electronic signature.

Trip Preferences

Required information for trip preferences requirements

· Copy of the passport or name exactly as it appears on your valid passport

· date of birth

· Gender

· Contact phone number and email address

· Departure and seating preferences

· Preferred departure date and time

· Preferred airport/ City of origin

· Preferred retuning departure date and time

· Preferred returning airport and city. I believe it should Madison unless you want to departure different airport.






Must include funding string information in this section.


Email Log

Frequently Asked Questions

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I accidentally created a guest record with the wrong email address, can I change it?

No, email addresses are unique to each profile. This is the only piece of data that is critical in the profile and if it is incorrect, you’ll need to create a brand new profile with the correct email address. Please make sure to delete the incorrect profile – contact the Travel Coordinator for help deleting it (this function isn’t available to regular TEMS users).


How to book flights and hotels (TEMS Coordinator)

How to create a TEMS record

Go to Create Travel

Select which kind of guest record you need:

  • External Visitor: any time someone external to UW-Madison is visiting campus, or delivering a virtual lecture. This is the most common type of record used.
  • UW-Madison Traveler: any time someone from UW-Madison is traveling elsewhere. For example, someone who works at IRIS is going to a work-related conference in another state.
  • UW-Madison Event Speaker: More info coming. This option may be removed soon.

The rest of the Create Travel page will automatically adjust based on the Travel Type selected.

External Visitor

Once you select this travel type, make sure to select which center is hosting this guest, and their travel dates. If the guest is delivering a virtual lecture, the start and end date will be the same.

Under Traveler Contact Details, enter the guest’s email address and full name. Note, these are the only two required pieces of information; don’t worry about filling out the rest. Also don’t bother entering the mailing address.

If this guest has interreacted with TEMS in the past, then you will see the contact information update automatically to the information stored on file. This information may or may not be up to date – don’t bother updating this, as the guest will have a chance to review and update their own information, and it is a waste of your time to update it at this point in time.

Under Traveler Details, enter all pertinent information.

  • Honorarium: check this box if the guest is receiving an honorarium. IMPORTANT: Make sure you enter the correct honorarium amount. The guest will see this number, and we don’t want to tell the guest they will get $500, and then later on tell them they are getting $300. Avoid awkward conversations by always making sure you enter the accurate amount.
  • Airfare: if the guest is traveling to campus, check this box.
    • Under ‘
    • Who will book airline transportation? 
      • Booked by UW: collect trip preferences via survey
        • Purpose: only use this when you don’t want to use the travel agent. This option will generate a Travel Survey for the guest, where they will enter their travel preferences. Only used when UW staff needs to book travel directly, and you need to know guest preferences in order to book. For example, if you know that the guest won’t be able to contact Travel Inc, due to language or technology barriers. If an international guest who doesn’t speak English is invited, then we likely want the center staff directly involved. 
        • Example: (create pdf image, link it here)
      • Booked by UW: Do not collect trip preferences via survey 
        • Purpose: when travel is being booked by center staff or the travel coordinator, and we already know the trip preferences and don’t need to ask it via survey. Or perhaps travel has already been booked by the center prior to creating the TEMS record.
      • Traveler: provide instructions for contacting Travel Inc

System Updates

Occasionally TEMS is updated with fixes or new features. Below is a log of fixes. Check regularly for new features, or if you’ve encountered a bug that may be addressed in these updates.

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Example - 9.8.2021 Update