Fall 2020 course: International Organizations

Are you a graduate student looking for an internationally-focused seminar for Fall 2020? Tana Johnson, a new faculty member in the La Follette School and Department of Political Science, will lead a graduate seminar on International Organizations (POLI SCI 959) which may be of interest. Details below…

Course Description: POLI SCI 959 (International Organizations)

From pandemics to nuclear war, from climate change to trade, nearly any imaginable issue area is touched by international organizations (IOs). How are IOs designed? Why do IOs vary in terms of their resources, formalization, etc.? How do IOs interact with nation-states, civil society, or the private sector? Why do some IOs seem to be failing in their missions? These are some of the questions we will cover in this graduate seminar, which uses insights from political science, economics, sociology, law, and history to understand the history – and the future – of international organizations.

Course time & location: Fall 2020: Wednesdays, 7:45-9:45 am, 422 North Hall