Mellon Incoming Graduate Student Awards


The purpose of these fellowships was to recruit strong incoming graduate students who will at some point in their graduate training require a period of international fieldwork or development of language or cultural competence off the UW-Madison campus.

Fellowship Details:

These are one-time awards of up to $5,000 to be used in the student’s first three years of graduate school (typically taken in the summer), timing determined in consultation with advisor. They may be combined with other funding sources. 20-25 students enrolling at the UW-Madison received these awards in each year they were offered (2013-2015).

Reports from recipients:

All awardees are required to submit a brief report on the activites funded by their award. Reports are listed below by year award was made, name of recipient, and departmental affiliation.




Please Note:

Campus units can find information on IRIS’s International Research and Training Grants for Incoming Graduate Students competition here.

No Mellon Incoming Graduate Student awards were offered after 2015.