University of Wisconsin–Madison

World Cinema Day 2018

World Cinema Day brings high school students and teachers to Madison for the screening of a high-quality international film with an introduction and discussion led by a member of the UW faculty or staff. It is an annual event held in conjunction with the Wisconsin Film Festival.

World Cinema Day 2018 will take place on Thursday, April 12th with two showings (9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.) at AMC Dine-In, Madison.

This event is free to high school groups attending with their teachers. Seats are limited so registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

The film for World Cinema Day 2018 will be: THE TASTE OF RICE FLOWER/MI HUA ZHI WEI

North American Premiere  |  Narrative  |  China  |  2017

DCP  |  Mandarin with English subtitles |  102 min


About the film: After spending a few years in Shanghai to earn a higher salary, Ye Nan returns to her rural home a different woman from when she left. She’s not the only one who’s changed: her adolescent daughter Nan Hang has turned into a troublemaker, and is resolutely unimpressed with her mom’s city-slicker makeover. They are part of China’s Dai ethnic minority, living in an ancestral village teetering between modernity and tradition-here, the local kids hang out in front of a temple that has great wi-fi. Nan Hang’s shenanigans go too far when she pilfers some offerings from the community’s most sacred temple, and the local elders determine she must be sent before the mountain deity. It is characteristic of director Pengfei’s compassionate spirit that this sequence, like many in the film, is at once funny, intriguing, and emotionally true. A longtime collaborator of Tsai Ming-Liang, Pengfei works with Tsai’s cinematographer Liao Pen-jung to show the Yunnan province in all its bucolic beauty. “Beautiful, wise and lyrically resonant, The Taste of Rice Flower is rigorously unsentimental, but its heart is bright with life, like a swooning dance of devotion performed in a limestone cave; like a butterfly held in a light, firm grasp” (Variety). 2017 Venice Film Festival. (MK)

Venue: AMC Dine-In, 430 N. Midvale Blvd., Madison, WI

Registration Information: REGISTER HERE by April 2nd.

For More Information: Please contact Nancy Heingartner, Assistant Director, Outreach, Institute for Regional and International Studies (IRIS), UW-Madison, by email at or phone – 608.265.6585 – if you have any questions about World Cinema Day.

World Cinema Day is co-sponsored by the Wisconsin Film Festival.

Past Films: World Cinema Day has been offering films for high school students since 2004. Here is the list of films we have shown in conjunction with this event:
• 2016 – Celestial Camel (Republic of Kalmykia)
• 2015 – Girlhood (France)
• 2014 – Village at the End of the World (Greenland)
• 2013 – The Painting (France)
• 2012 – Monsieur Lazhar (Canada)
• 2011 – The Colors of the Mountain (Colombia)
• 2010 – Masquerades (Algeria)
• 2009 – Football Under Cover (Germany)
• 2008 – Fermat’s Room (Spain)
• 2007 – Of Love and Eggs (Indonesia)
• 2006 – Stolen Life (China)
• 2005 – Daughter of Keltoum (Tunisia)
• 2004 – Ticket to Jerusalem (Israel)

WCD was started in 2004 and was coordinated by UW-Madison’s Language Institute through 2009. Many of the films listed above were presented in collaboration with the Global Film Initiative. We thank them for their support and assistance over the years.