Title VI at UW–Madison

HEA-Title VI and Fulbright Hays are the foundation for international education in the United States, building competencies critical to our national security, economic competitiveness, and global engagement.

With support of Title VI funding, the University of Wisconsin–Madison has trained close to 6,000 Foreign Language Area Studies (FLAS) fellows, has awarded over 5,000 degrees and certificates through National Resource Centers (NRCs), and teaches up to 80 languages each academic year. These activities, which produce new generations of foreign area and strategic language experts, are essential to U.S. security and competitiveness.

With a modest annual investment of $4 million, UW–Madison has created an unrivaled training system that produces linguistically and globally proficient graduates to meet national needs.

Why are National Resource Centers Critical?


Individuals trained in languages and international issues also fulfill important roles in the military, government, and private sector.

  • 5,000+ students have received degrees and certificates from Wisconsin National Resource Centers.

Background in Southeast Asia provides alum with base for career in international security and counter terrorism

  • Project Global Officers, the Russian and South Asian Language Flagship Centers, and the Boren Fellowship Program depend on the strong area studies and language faculties sustained by Title VI.
  • U.S. government employees and military officers study languages designated as critical to U.S. security through intensive language and cultural infrastructure organized by UW–Madison NRCs.
  • Title VI is a program-multiplier—an investment paying dividends many times over. Title VI funding creates and sustains the language and culture learning architecture on which other programs build to provide the nation with a language-enabled, culturally knowledgeable corps who are prepared to work alongside partners and competitors.
  • Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps Foreign Area Officer Programs (FAO), the Department of Commerce Export Initiative, and other federal programs hosted and supported at UW–Madison depend on Title VI because NRCs draw and sustain expert foreign area and language faculty, while also supporting related initiatives and programming that create an internationally aware population for our country.