Undergraduate Paper Award competition for AY 2019-2020 open!

Participating area and international studies centers of the Institute for Regional and International Studies are each awarding up to $1,000 (actual award amounts vary) to the best paper/s and projects written by an undergraduate and focused on their respective world regions.

To be eligible you must be currently enrolled as an undergraduate student at the UW-Madison.

The paper must be/have been submitted to fulfill a UW-Madison course or thesis requirement during the 2019-2020 academic year (Fall 2019 & Spring 2020 terms).

Submissions must substantially address issues related to the world region of the center you are submitting to; papers submitted to the Institute for Regional and International Studies should have a trans-regional focus.

Please visit https://iris.wisc.edu/funding/students/undergraduate-paper-awards/ for full submission details.

Deadline for submission is 10am on Friday, May 1, 2020. Awards will be disbursed through the Bursar’s scholarship system.

Questions? See the award webpage or email Mark Lilleleht @ awards@iris.wisc.edu or call 608.265.6070.